Citation Bravo

Paragon Airways is proud to exclusively present this gorgeous Cessna Citation Bravo available for charter. The Bravo is legendary for its reliability, takeoff and landing safety, and SUV-like versatility. Citations have been the most popular light jets for decades due to their versatility and dependability, and the Bravo combines these attributes with high cruising speeds and altitudes, along with an advanced “glass” cockpit and next-generation engines. Our Bravo is equipped with an aft, enclosed, belted lavatory with flushing toilet for your comfort. The internal and aft baggage compartments hold plenty of luggage while the nose baggage compartment is built to carry golf bags and snowboards, offering significantly more baggage space than any other light jet. Our Bravo is equipped with a ski-tube that can carry 4 sets of skis and poles. Experience why everyone loves the Bravo and its crew!

Paragon Airways Citation Bravo 51V Interior

Paragon Airways Citation Bravo Cabin Layout


  • Luxurious Leather Seating for 7 + Belted Lavatory Seat
  • Full Drink and Refreshment Center
  • Most baggage space in its class
  • Ski Tube

Cabin Dimensions

  • Cabin Length 16.0 feet
  • Cabin Height 4.7 feet
  • Cabin Width 4.9 feet
  • Baggage Capacity 74 cubic feet


  • Range of 1800 statute miles (1600 nm)
  • Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
  • TCAS II Traffic System
  • Honeywell “Glass” Cockpit Avionics
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada 500-Series Fuel Efficient- Engines
  • Thrust Reversers