Paragon Airways operates three gorgeous Cessna Citation Excels, available for charter. The Citation Excel/XLS is the best-selling business jet of all time, and with good reason. It has a light-cabin aircraft’s ability to operate out of small airports, while offering the comfort and amenities of a midsize jet

More than 18 feet in length, the cabin provides ample room and stand-up comfort for up to seven or nine passengers. It also features a full refreshment center and by far the largest baggage compartment in its class, able to hold everything from large suitcases to surfboards. A 45,000 foot max altitude, low takeoff and landing speeds, simple modern systems, and powerful engine thrust reversers combine to provide extraordinary best-in-class safety and dependability.

Our Excel is equipped with WiFi, an aft, enclosed, belted lavatory with flushing toilet, and a jet-powered auxiliary power unit (APU) to provide pre-boarding heating and AC for your comfort. Experience why everyone asks for the Excel again and again!


  • Luxurious Leather Seating for 8 + Belted Lavatory Seat
  • WiFi
  • Stand-Up Cabin
  • Drink and Refreshment Center
  • Huge Baggage Compartment
  • Offering the Most Baggage Space in Its Class
  • Fully-Enclosed Aft Lavatory

Cabin Dimensions

  • Cabin Length 18.6 feet
  • Cabin Height 5.7 feet
  • Cabin Width 5.6 feet
  • Baggage Capacity 79 cubic feet


  • Range of 2300 statute miles (2000 nm)
  • Terrain Awareness and Warning System
  • Traffic and Collision Avoidance System
  • Windshear Warning System
  • Dependable Pratt & Whitney Canada Engines
  • Thrust Reversers